Upcoming Meetings

  1. Planning Board MeetingWed, Dec 27 07:00 pm

Board of Health


Deborah CoutinhoChairman2017
Robert Gonzalesboardofhealth@townofshelburnema.gov2017
Robert Hicks, Jr.2017
Elizabeth KidderClerk


The Board of Health usually meets on either Tuesday or Thursday of the third week of the month at 6:00 PM in the Shelburne Town Hall.

Who we are

The Board of Health is an appointed body consisting of three members. Each member is appointed for a one-year term.

What we do

The Board of Health’s mandated duties include health care and disease control, enforcement of housing and dwelling codes; monitoring of providing for hazardous waste disposal; enforcement of Title 5; investigating nuisances which may be injurious to health; enforcing the State Sanitary code involving food service establishments and enforcing the State Environmental Code regarding safety and sanitation of public swimming pools and recreational camps.